Wisconsin AV Proving Ground Programs

The experts on the proving grounds project will be grouped by three areas of expertise: technology, infrastructure, and governance (see diagram, above). Each of these three groups will have a chairperson as well as representatives involved in the group’s work.

Advising the three groups will be a Government advisory board, comprising state and federal officials representing all levels of government, and the Steering Committee (see diagram, above).

Each working group (see below) will focus on a specific area of importance to testing, developing, supporting and/or regulating AVs, and the work packages that comprise them will each have a “lead”, a member of each of the three program areas (technology, infrastructure and governance) that will be a point of accountability and information flow. The program chairs will ensure that the focus of the working groups stays consistent with the overall roadmap – the strategic plan for the proving grounds. Every working group will have a coordinator whose role is to set another “roadmap” for the individual work package and ensure each package is working in support of that roadmap. The coordinator will be a person who is well-versed in the topic of their workgroup and will be available to each lead person to help solve problems and answer any questions that arise from the work.